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Daniela Kinsbourne


Under new marketing management, Nirvana Water asked to change their bottle design and include HMB-infused sport water. I researched bottle shapes and sizes, caps, and colors, and designed numerous options.

Role — Research + Product Design
Year — 2020

Client — Nirvana Water Sciences


The new label design was to be unique and stand out from other bottles on the shelf reflecting the pureness of the water. 

The design needed to be translatable to other water products as well. The first was an HMB Infused Natural Spring Water for Muscle Wellness, Performance, and Recovery.

HEALO FOODS was interested in a complete redesign of their whole line of broths for glass jars as well as smaller cartons. I designed new labels, streamlined the content for a less cluttered feel, and color coordinated the design for a more natural "home-made" feel.

I designed numerous packaging iterations for YOO as well as carton displays, posters, ads, and website banners. 


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